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Tianlun gas was invited to participate in the 2019 Global Energy Transformation Summit
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On the morning of 7 December 2019 Global Energy Transformation High Level Forum hosted by the development research center of the State Council was held in Beijing. As an outstanding representative of new energy enterprises, China Tianlun Gas Holding Limited was invited to attend the grand meeting. The opening ceremony of the conference was presided over by Ms. Yang Xiuling, Deputy Secretary General of the Beijing Municipal People's government. Mr. Ma Jiantang, Secretary of the Party group of the development research center of the State Council, Mr. Yin Yong, deputy mayor of the Beijing Municipal People's government, and Mr. Li Ye, regulatory director of the National Energy Administration delivered speeches.


This forum focuses on the development strategy of energy transformation, deeply analyzes the high-quality development of natural gas and new forms of clean energy industry, energy technology innovation and new industrial ecology, energy Internet innovation and new industrial forms, and creates opportunities for traditional energy, new energy, Internet and energy cooperation at home and abroad through technology, informatization, industry and business model innovation.


Mr. Zhang Yingcen, Chairman of the board of directors of Tianlun gas, together with the leaders of the national energy sector, top national think tanks and industry experts, discussed the transformation and development of the global energy industry, and delivered the keynote speech of "focus on the development of clean energy". First of all, by introducing the background of China's natural gas industry and analyzing the core data of natural gas industry, Zhang Dong affirmed the important role of natural gas development and utilization in the leap from fossil energy to clean energy and new energy. Secondly, Chairman Zhang introduced the development process of Tianlun gas. He believes that the rapid development of Tianlun gas benefits from adhering to the concept of "focusing on industry without distraction" and the corporate strategy of "M & A development" and "township development". Under the industry background of national energy reform and transformation, Chairman Zhang analyzed the policy support, market space, development opportunities and other aspects, and believed that the next golden decade of natural gas industry must come from the policy dividend brought by the National Rural Revitalization Strategy, "gasification town" will be an industry feast of trillions of investment scale, and the promotion of "coal to gas" in towns will also provide Tianlun gas Provide significant historical opportunities.


In his speech, Chairman Zhang also introduced the effective way for Tianlun gas to solve the pain point of "coal to gas" in villages and towns, as well as the new business model Tianlun gas created for the development of natural gas in villages and towns, and gave his own suggestions based on the successful case of Henan "coal to gas" project. Looking forward to the future, Zhang said that with the support and guidance of the party and the government, Tianlun gas will seize the opportunity, adhere to the corporate mission of "developing clean energy and improving the living environment", continue to focus on the main business, make every effort to contribute to the development of the natural gas industry, create business and share Tianlun. Finally, we also welcome friends from the business community to visit Tianlun gas.

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