Company Overview

Green and Low-Carbon Energy Supplier and Service Provider

Tian Lun Gas Group was founded in 2002, and its subsidiary Tian Lun Gas Holdings Limited (stock code: 01600.HK) was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2010, and has now developed into a leading urban gas operator in China. Guided by two national policies, i.e. rural revitalization and "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" (dual carbon) goals, Tian Lun Gas Group, together with Zhongyuan Yuzi Investment Holding Group, has promoted gas penetration in rural areas and invited a strategic shareholder, Zhuhai Port Holdings Group, to develop green energy, aiming to become a first-class green and low-carbon energy supplier and service provider in China.

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Business Map
  • 16provinces and autonomous regions with strategic layout
  • 69urban gas projects
  • 9003kmmedium- and high-pressure gas pipelines laid and in operation
  • 544million million urban and rural gas users
  • 1,700millionmillion population covered
  • 19.1billion m3gas sales volume in total in 2022
Data as of June 30, 2023 (excluding annual total gas sales volume)
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Business Layout
  • Urban Gas
  • Gas Penetration in Rural Areas
  • Green Energy
  • Healthy Life

Urban gas

With over 20 years of urban gas technology accumulation, rooted in Henan and serving China, Tian Lun Gas Group, driven by an efficient operation model integrating upstream resources, midstream pipeline networks, and downstream markets, has reduced the energy consumption cost of industrial customers in multiple dimensions through smart energy management and served tens of millions of customers in 69 cities of 16 provinces, realizing high-quality growth of its business and assets.

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Gas penetration in rural areas

Tian Lun Gas Group has established a ten-billion-yuan fund in cooperation with state-owned enterprises, offered a "model of free gas transmission before gas meter installation", which is widely popular, innovated the "government + enterprise + finance" development path, and deeply covered the gas market in towns and villages of Henan Province under the support of domestic and international financial resources.

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Green energy

By leveraging technological and market advantages, Tian Lun Gas has provided a wide range of low-carbon and zero-carbon services and signed contracts with powerful state-owned enterprises such as SPIC, CECEP, and PowerChina to empower customers. Additionally, it has formulated exclusive solutions for different energy needs, accelerating the construction of a green energy system and creating Tian Lun's low-carbon service ecosystem.

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Healthy life

Tian Lun Gas has empowered customers in the field of healthy life, formulated exclusive solutions for different energy needs, and provided value-added gas safety services, safe and healthy life services, and intelligent product manufacturing services.

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Investor Relations
  • Domestic headquarter
  • Hong Kong office
Domestic headquarter

Add: 4th Floor, Tian Lun Group Building, No.6 Huanghe Dong Rd, Zheng Dong Xin District, Zhengzhou,Henan, China


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Hong Kong office

Add: Unit 4601-02, 46/F, The Center, 99 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

Tel:852-3470 9069

Fax:852-3470 9022

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